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DUCETT – Dutch jewelry brand

La Kiara is the official importer and distributor of the DUCETT brand throughout the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

DUCETT’s product range includes primarily personal engraved bracelets and necklaces. The products are characterized by beautiful design, high quality, affordable pricing, long-lasting durability and deeper personalization with possibility of engraving

All DUCETT products are made of 316L stainless steel, so they are allergy-free.

316L is a surgical grade stainless steel. Although not considered a precious metal, it is much more durable than silver or platinum. It also makes the jewelry durable and affordable. 316L Stainless Steel does not rust, stain, fade, stain your skin or corrode.

The entire DUCETT jewelry range forms one large collection, meaning you can perfectly combine watches, bracelets and necklaces for a perfect match.

DUCETT’s most special product line is Your Story Bracelets. You create this bracelet completely by yourself. The selection includes 11 base bracelets with different shades and functions, on which you can choose from 37 different decorative details which are personal for the wearer. In addition, various names, dates and other necessary symbols can be engraved on the jewelry. Your Story Bracelet is the Perfect Gift!

You’ll find the DUCETT your story bracelets here:


LA KIARA – Estonian jewelry brand

All La Kiara jewelry is made of Ag925 sterling silver.

Ag925 silver tone jewelry is platinum or rhodium plated. Platinum and rhodium plated jewelry does not darken or fade and is resistant to any color change, making the inherently soft silver significantly more durable.

The gold tone and rose gold tone Ag925 jewelry is covered with a 18-carat double gold plating (base layer and top finish). This ensures a significantly higher durability of the gold layer.

The Swarovski crystals and pearls used in the jewelry are 100% genuine, origin from Austria. All Swarovski crystals and pearls used in the jewelry come only from the product range of Swarovski® partners certified in Europe.

Swarovski crystals are one of the most valued premium brand gemstones in the world, due to their high quality, originality and beautiful appearance. Swarovski crystals are characterized by the highest precision of detail, high quality of finish and a very wide color palette. That’s why Swarovski crystals are the preferred accessory material for even the most demanding top designers, hence its justification for being part of a luxury piece.

Detailed information about the materials and the properties of the jewelry are also presented separately for each piece of jewelry.

You can find the selection of LA KIARA Ag925 jewelry here:


eHe – Estonian jewelry brand

eHe jewelery is a wonderful creation of the talented Estonian jewelry master – Heret, with more than 10 years of experience. Natural and high-quality materials, a beautiful play of colors and shapes, uniqueness and distinctiveness are the main keywords of eHe jewelry. The materials are mainly wood, clay and sterling silver (Ag925 sample). All earrings come with behind the ear attachments that are tailored to the right shape and size (with different size – transparent or silver butterfly fasteners). The high quality behind-ear fasteners guarantee that the earring stays in the right position and firmly in place. All eHe earrings represented in La Kiara online store are made on custom order and these models are only available in the La Kiara e-shop. All eHe jewelry will reach you in a beautiful and safe jewelry box. eHe jewelry is a feminine, stylish and special gift for women of all ages, with a friendly price ♥

You can find all eHe jewelry here:



Choose the cleaning method according to the condition of the jewelry and the material.

The easiest way to remove fingerprints, dust and other dirt from Swarovski stones and pearls or Ducett jewelry is to use a cleaning cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses.

For the daily care of silver jewelry, simple soft cotton cloth is suitable. Can be used to rub jewelry parts and remove the light oxidation layer.

To clean silver jewelry that needs stronger cleaning, we recommend using the silver cleaners readily available in the store. For example the best of the best – Hagerty cleaning cloths (be careful with crystals or pearls!). After cleaning, it is important to remove any detergent residue with (soapy)water and polish and dry the jewelry with a soft cotton cloth.

Gold-plated jewelry can be cleaned under warm water with a neutral pH soap.

The cheapest and easiest way to take care of your jewelry is to take care of it regularly. Cleaning and proper care of jewelry is very important to ensure the longevity and beautiful appearance of jewelry.

There are two most basic and simple rules. First, jewelry is meant to be worn. For example, silver jewelry begins to oxidize when not used or becomes dull and dark. The speed of degeneration largely depends on storage conditions. Second, jewelry should always be the last thing you put on when you leave home and the first thing you remove when you get home.

Be sure to keep in mind that silver is a very soft metal. On one hand, it offers advantages (for example, when cleaning you can bend it a little and access hidden places), but on the other hand, scratches and fractures are easy to occur. Therefore, it is important not to drop, kick or bend the jewelry (it may break).

Ideally, all jewelry should be stored in a separate special jewelry box to prevent the jewelry from rubbing against other jewelry. It is recommended to keep silver jewelry in a dark and dry place (the surface of the silver darkens in a warm and humid room).

What else to remember:

  • The biggest enemy of jewelry is household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, hair care products, creams, etc.
  • Do not go swimming, gym, spa, beach, sauna, bath, shower, sea or pool with your jewelry. Water, moisture and intense steam degenerate the jewelry faster.
  • Don’t go to bed with jewelry. Chains and earring locks are especially sensitive, which can change shape or fall off altogether.
  • Protect the jewelry from bright sun, i.e. do not store the jewelry or expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Jewelry made of different materials should be kept separate from each other.