YOUR STORY jewelry decoration – three beauty-stones.

YOUR STORY bracelet is a real must have! And a new trend setter telling your special story. Beautiful design, personality, quality and durability – these are the most important keywords for YOUR STORY bracelet. You can design your own STORY, like choose the decorations and symbols that are important for you on the bracelet base. In addition, you can have the names of your loved ones engraved on special namespaces.

The elements of the jewelry are easily interchangeable. Each base chain comes with special details to help keep the decorations or extras in place. The bracelet has a high-quality buckle with the Ducett logo, which ensures easy and quick closing or opening. The order comes with a small screwdriver, which can be used to adjust the size of the bracelet. The base chains are available in five colors – silver, gold, rose gold, black and luxury coffee tone. Get creative and combine different shades of links and base chains – creating a beautiful and personal story!

All jewelry will arrive in a beautiful jewelry box.

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